Halo Branded Solutions Credit Card Charge

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It’s also maybe happening with you when you review your monthly credit card statement and you find these unwanted unrecognized charges with the name of Halo Branded Solutions credit card charge.

No need to be surprised. Most of the people are getting the same type of charges. In this article. We are going to help you understand the Halo Branded Solutions credit card charge after that we will help you to dispute these charges from the credit card statement.

What is 365 Market Charge on Credit Card?

What is the Halo Branded Solutions credit card charge?

Halo Branded Solution is a well-established company specializing in promotional products and marketing solutions. They offer a wide range of product merchandise, including office supplies, technologies, products, and more aimed to help promote their brand and engage them.

Halo Branded Solutions credit card charge

Services provided by the solution.

  • Promotional product:- custom branded items such as a pen, mugs bags, and clothing for a specific company or corporate they provide.
  • Corporate:- they also customize uniforms for the corporate office.
  • Recognition awards:- custom awards trophies.
  • Marketing campaign:- assist with creating and managing a marketing campaign
  • Commerce solution:- they have online stores with merchandise that sell different type of products.

Reason Behind The Halo Branded Solutions Credit Card Charge

Purchase of Promotional Product:- The most straightforward reason for the charges from the Halo Branded Solutions credit card charge is the purchase of the promotional product. If you or your business orders an item, that could be reflected in the cost of the product.

Subscription or Membership Fee

Some businesses have no subscription or membership agreement with the brand solution for ongoing services and excess to the special. If you have an agreement that might be associated with the subscription.

Events or Campaign Cost

Recently hosted an event or launched the marketing campaign with the associated event solution could be late to their service for the event campaign. This might include the promotional material or campaign management fee.

Online store purchase

If your business is an online store managed by a fully printed solution, any purchase made through the store could appear as charged on a credit card. This includes purchases by the employee responsible for covering those costs.

Some steps that you can follow to resolve your credit card charges

Review your record

Before jumping to a conclusion review the statement in detail. Check your email received and the correspondence with the solution to see if you have identified these charges.

Contact Halo Branded Solutions credit card charge

If we are unable to identify the charges, the next step is to contact the solution directly. Credit card statement along with any relevant information about the recent order and service you can call customer service and request the breakdown of your bill.

Dispute charges with your credit card issuer 

If unable to resolve the issue with the pull-up solution, the next step is to dispute the charges with your credit card issue. 

Final word

Finding unexpected charges from all of my solutions and credit cards can be concerning, but it is a situation that can be resolved by a systematic approach.

Remember to clear the communication with Halo Branded solution, delight, monitoring Auto credit card statement or key to resolving these charges, respectively.

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