How to buy Hyundai Stock in India

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If you are wondering How to buy Hyundai stock. You may think Is it possible to invest in the Korean stock exchange? the answer is Yes. If you want to invest In Hyundai stock, this article is for you. Stock-given returns in the past years are 44.57%. which is very good if you compare it with other investments.

How to buy Hyundai stock

About Hyundai Stock

Hyundai Motors commonly known as Hyundai is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer. The company was founded in 1967.  Hyundai operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan.

How to Buy Hyundai Stock in India

The good news is that you can easily invest in the Korean stock market. There are two ways that you can invest in Korean exchange stock.

  1. ETF:- you can invest in Korean ETFs. that have some basket of stocks.
  2. Opening Korean Exchange: The second method is that you need to open a Korean brokerage account. while opening an account we need to register that you are foreign investors. Register as a foreign investor with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) through a Foreign Investment Registration Application (FIRA).

Documents Required for Opening Account

  1. Airline Registration Card (Immigration Card)
  2. Passport
  3. Photo

NH Investment Security

How to Find a Broker

Before Opening an Account you need to consider these points.

  • Fees: Commissions, account minimums, inactivity fees, and foreign exchange fees can vary.
  • Account Types: Look for an account that offers the investment products you’re interested in, such as stocks, bonds, or ETFs.
  • Platform and Research: Consider the ease of use of the trading platform and the research tools and resources offered.
  • Customer Service: Make sure the broker offers customer support in a language you understand.

List of Korean Brokers

  1. Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd
  2. Shinhan Investment Corp
  3. HMC Investment Securities Co., Ltd. 
  4. Woori Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.
  5. NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.

Is it good to Invest In Hyundai Stock?

Hyundai stock’s Past returns are good. Revenue growth Year on Year is 21.19% and Net income is grow by 49.01%. company has assets growing year on year by 9.32%.