10 Money saving Tips

Saving your can very use in emergency situtation and creating your wealth.

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1. Make Plan

Each and Everything should be plan. First make Plan on paper.

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2. Setting Goal

Goal should be set why your saving for. because if you not set goal then in one point of your life you would broke your plan.

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3. Check Better Bank

Select bank that give higher interset as compared to other banks. that help you to  grow money.

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If you have any type of debt then use and you use your credit card then better to switch to 0 debt transfer charges transferred debt for a set period.

4. Debt

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By starting Side hustle can make good amount of extra income. that help you save more money.

5. Start Side Hustle

Consider a systematic low-spend day, week or month to build up your emergency fund and to train your saving brain in the long term

6.less Spend Weekend

You can starting Cooking yourself. If you buy from outiside that would be coastly.

7. Less Spend on Food

While doing online shopping you can use cashback website that give you cash back on purchase.

8. cashback

there are many website that offer free courses to learn. instead of buying courses.

9. Learn Free

By quiting bad habit you can save lots of money year end.

10. Quit bad Habit

Disclaimer This story is only for education purposes, not investment Advice.