7 Rules of Smart Investing

1. Set Goal:- instead of investing randomly you should have a proper plan for investing. Why are you investing?

2.Start Investing Today:-  investing early is best because you can maximize your investing. At an early age, we don’t have much responsibility so we can invest more

3. Never put all Eggs in a basket:- It simply means that you should diversify your portfolio. Investment should be in different sectors. In case one sector is down other sectors can balance your profit and losses.

4. BEFORE YOU BUY, BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN. Before investing, can you explain to a family member what you’re buying and why? Can you describe how that company or fund works? If not, take your time and do more research.

5. AVOID LONG SHOTS. Investing isn’t gambling, either. While we have no control over the markets, we do have control over how much risk we take on. Your portfolio isn’t the place for speculation or bets. For that, head to Vegas.

6. BUY GOOD COMPANIES. Invest in companies that have proven management, a strong business model, and that sell things people use. Otherwise, you’re investing in companies you guess might prove popular…and that’s just another form of gambling.

7. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Even the greatest investors sometimes get things wrong. When that happens, accept it humbly and try to determine how you can improve

Disclaimer This story is only for education purposes, not investment Advice.