House Dragon Season 2 Realeased Where to Watch

House of Dragon Season 2 Ep-01 is released on 16  June.

House of Dragon Season 2 Ep-02 is will be released on 23 June.

Season 1 made people crazy on this mater piece.

Season 2 need to who going to sit on throne. Fight would be quit interesting. Everone have dragon.

Where can I watch House of the Dragon Season 2 in the UK?

In uk you can watch House of Dragon season on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK, and on HBO and Max in the US

Where i can watch House of Dragon season 2

You can watch on apple tv and amazon prime.

Who kills Rhaenyra?

Rhaenyra will be killed by Aegon II's dragon in front of her own son

Who wins, Aegon or Rhaenyra?

At end Aegon won.

What dragon eats Rhaenyra?

Sunfyre ate Rhaenyra Targaryen at the bidding of Aegon II towards the end of the civil war

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