What is an Audible Charge on Credit Card?

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Thinking about your “Audible charge on credit card. Are you also worried about charge why the charges on my credit card and also think that I never used Audible but still have the Audible charge on my credit card so how can I remove these types of charges from my credit card? what if the charges are unrecognized? 

In this article? We are going to help you out with your Audible charge on your credit card. These charges are related to the audible probably audible charges are related to your membership. You have taken membership from the audible or you have purchased any Kindle e-book or one dollar charges authorization charges.

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What is the Audible Charge on Credit Card

So as we all know, audible is the Amazon company that especially provides audiobook summaries in audio form so they have an open platform where they offer different types of services.

Audible charge on credit card

The audible company avoids the audiobook for cast book series gift blog, lots of the things part by the audible.

So your charges might be related to the subscription you have taken from the audible and forgot to cancel because they are providing $14.95 a month after a 30-day trial period. There are chances that you forgot to cancel this membership.

Have you purchased any audiobooks from their website or are they also charging one dollar for the temporary authorization charges?

The possible reason that you have charged from audible.

Is Audible Charge on Credit Card Legit? 

Yes, audible is a legit company because it is an Amazon company as you know how big is Amazon company so there is no doubt that the Company Trust Company is legit. But charges might not be because if you use your credit card to purchase something from Audible then these charges are legit.

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So if you see some unauthorized transaction or credit card from the audible, then it might not be you because someone else is using your credit card to buy the audible membership in that case immediately block your credit card. The customer care number is the backside of your credit card so call your customer care and just immediately block your credit card because your credit card is hacked in this type of situation Transaction not be legit.

How to dispute the Audible Charge on Credit Card? 

As I already explained to you, what are the possible reasons? so if you want to dispute your charges from the audible, then you can first contact your credit card and bank provider. They will help you out.

In cases like that, if you purchase a trial membership and you forget to cancel that membership. In that case, if you have made a mistake then there are chances that you won’t get any type of refund.

But if you didn’t use your credit card in that case, the bank will help you to dispute this type of charge and you can also contact the audible website. Customer care will help you.

Why did Audible charge me $16?

According to the audible Helpdesk, these are the charges most probably from your temporary authorization charger on your account or monthly membership or applicable sales tax in regions.

How do I stop Audible from taking money?

If you have purchased any monthly subscription from Amazon, then you can simply cancel your membership anytime. 

  • You have to log in to our Amazon account
  • Search Audible
  • Select audible membership
  • Select setting
  • Click on cancel membership
  • The last is to confirm the cancellation and select to cancel.

In this way, you can cancel my membership and they will stop taking money from your account.

Final Words

Charges from Audible There is the most chance that the charges are legit maybe due to your mistake getting these types of charges and another reason could be someone else purchased the membership from Audible by crediting card unrecognized transaction or credit card and then immediately blocked the credit card and ask your bank and credit card provider to issue a credit card with the security. Avoid Unknown websites and never use your credit card details on this type of website because they are fishy. 


What is the $14.95 charge from Audible?

Will have a one-month membership of $14.95 that you can purchase from their website.

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