What is the Banners Ez Credit Card Charge?

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Getting some unrecognized charges from Banners Ez credit card charge on credit card or bank statement. The charges are likely to the website which is called ezbannerz.com, which provides a different type of banner.

The company offers you different types of banners and they also have a bucket truck replacement tool so all the tools have different prices.

In this article, we are going to analyze whether the banner is charged to your credit card. We will try to find the possible vision of the Banners Ez credit card charge and we will also help you to how you can manage this type of charge.

Greencrafts.co charge on credit card

What is the Banners Ez credit card charge?

Banners Ez credit card charge are mostly likely related to the ezbannerz.com website. 

This company provides the creation printing and sales of banners and promotion material Businesses involved in this industry often provide a product such as a custom banner, sign poster, and other marketing material.

Banners Ez credit card charge

These are some common reasons banners are charged to a credit card

Purchase of Promotional Material:- Bannerez that you have purchased something from the Bard site or any other promotional item.

Subscription Services:- some companies are offering subscription-based services for the regular shipment of promotional material or axis to design tools.

Online Order:- ordering and marketing material from all platforms associated with the banner.

Is Banners Ez credit card charge?

So this depends upon whether you have used your credit card on this website or not.

If you use your credit card and purchase promotional material from the website or take a subscription or order online, then these charges are legit.

If these charges are unknown, and these are transaction is not done by you then it means that someone else is using her credit card.

In this situation, better to contact your card provider and bank. They have more information related to your transaction. If you find that these are the fraud charges, then immediately block your credit card.

How to Manage Banners Ez Credit Card Charge?

For managing your unwanted credit card charges on your credit card statement. Better to monitor credit card spending if you’re using a more frequent credit card than to make a habit of reviewing the end of your credit card transaction.

There are the chances that maybe you will forget where you use the credit card and getting the charges.

So it will help you to investigate your credit card charges if you remember the date time and the merchant name where you use the credit card same your getting on credit card statement.

Final word

Now you have got great information on this charge and the reasons behind the charge appearing on your credit card.

So it’s better to take precautions before using your credit card whenever you’re doing an online transaction Make sure never to use public or free Wi-Fi.