How to Check the Delivery Percentage of Stock in NSE

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if you are an investor or trader then you must hear about the Term ” Delivery Percentage“. It’s the most important parameter we can say to analyze stock movement. In this article, we understand about Delivery. How Ananlyse stock momentum by delivery and another related term with Delivery. How stock Ananlysyt uses delivery. How we can check delivery in NSE?

What is Delivery Data? How to Understand Delivery?

Delivery is one of the best terms to analyze because why majority of hold stock for the next day. This means that there would be a higher chance of going to a good move. A small amount of goods being delivered suggests that the price trend won’t last long. But when lots of goods are being delivered, it means people are buying and holding for a while, indicating the price trend will stick around for longer.

What you would understand about 70% Delivery of any stock. 70% delivery means that 70% of the stock Quantity is held by a trader or investor who has bought stock on that particular day or week. whatever the period you checking for.

let’s say 100 quantities of the particular stock tarded on that day and you hold 70 quantities of stock for the next day then we can say that delivery of X stock is 70%. Further in this article, we have discussed how we check delivery data on NSE as well as different websites.

How to Check the Delivery Percentage of Stock in NSE

To check delivery percentage in NSE. website you need to follow these steps.

  1. Search on click or can click on this link
  2. Click On Resources

3. Under Download click on Daily Market Reports

4. You Need to Download the Full Bhavcopy and Security Deliverable Data.

5. After clicking on Down Arrow you can download Delivery data from NSE.

As you see in the below image 1 Shows reliance stock delivery Quantity and 2 shows 67.21% delivery by traders. Delivery just means that the traded Quantity is held by traders and investors.

Delivery Percentage

What is Delivery vs intraday?

we can easily understand by simple comparison list intraday trading and delivery.

AspectDelivery TradingIntraday Trading
Holding PeriodHolding Stock for more than 1 daySame day Buy and Sell
ObjectiveInvestment for Long TermGet Same Day Movement
StrategyPositional trading, based on fundamental analysisDay trading, often based on technical analysis
Trading FrequencyTypically low, fewer tradesHigh, multiple trades within a single trading day
MonitoringNo Need to Monitor dailyNeed to Monitor daily
RiskLower Risk then IntradayHigh risk
Profit PotentialLower Risk then IntradayHigh risk
DividendsEligibleNot Eligible

What is the Means of Delivery Volume?

Delivery Indicate how much stock the investor holds for the next days. more delivery shows that investor thinks that the stock going to up.