Can I earn 100 Daily from the stock market? With Risk Management

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Yes, you can earn 100 Daily from the stock market. Because it also depends upon how much capital you are using for Rs 100 gain from the stock market. Well, we all know from the stock market you can make more than Rs 100 from the stock market it’s just the tip of Ice Bearg. Most traders make Lakh from the share market daily. based on their trading style and experience you can also make that much money but before that always remember to first Learn then Earn. If you remove “L” from “LEARN” then only “EARN” is left which simply means to earn Rs 100, Rs 1000, or Lakh from the share market you have to experience and Knowledge of the stock market.

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Can I earn 100 Daily from the stock market?

For earning Rs 100 daily as an intraday trader you’re using 5000 capital. According to Risk management 2% of Profit of Capital and 1% of Loss. Risk management is the backbone of trading. According to Expert Trader if you learn risk management you will win 50% of the stock market. risk management is making your money safe from the stock market.

if you are using 2500 Capital for intraday trading. then it means 4% of daily for the week it would be 4%x5 Days = 20% which is Enough. Let’s say your stop loss hits in 2 days means 4% of loss. still, you are Profit Rs 400 which is 16% of your 2500 capital.

How Risk Management Plays a Role for Earing 100 daily

In his book ‘The Disciplined Trader’, Mark Douglas says successful trading is 80% money management and 20% strategy. Risk management is dependent upon several positions in the market. if you single position in the market then the approach is different if have multiple positions.

100 daily

In the Market, some traders are making a profit in 4 days but these lose more than they made a profit. Risk Management plays the role of saving profit.

same if we continue making Rs 100 daily from the stock market with 5000 capital.

What are the potential challenges or obstacles one might encounter when aiming for a 100 daily profit in the stock market?

Some Strategies That Help You Earn 100 Daily

These are some strategies that can help you earn Rs 100.

  1. Momentum Trading Strategy:- Under momentum Trading, we capture the stock movement. we take trade-ins same direction as the market. Investor picks stock before momentum in stock. The momentum is identified by investors based on News and technical analysis. It’s required knowledge and experience to make a profit.
  2. Bull Trap and Bear Trap Strategy:- Buy Setup
    Let’s say the Stock starts Falling from Up and making a Strong Bottom one red candle shows after that candle one Big Green candle Forms then Buy Above the High and Stop Loss Below the Low.
    for Short Setup Market trade
100 daily

3. 44 Moving Average

  • The market should be in a trend either upside or downside. whenever you find support on a 44-moving average.
  • Buy Above the high and Stoploss below the Low. The Target Should be 1:2
  • Short Candle Should Take Resistance on 44 Moving Average.
  • Note When the Market is sideways that me No trading zone.

4. Flag Pattern
As shown in the Video You use Pattern to trade. before doing it in the real market please backtest First.

Can I Invest in 100 Stock?

Yes, you invest more than 100 Stocks. there is no maximum limitation for stock. It depends upon your capital and how much you are investing in the stock market. Investing in 100 stocks you should have a good analysis for each industry and your portfolio should be diverse. you should have good knowledge for choosing performing stock.

How Much can you make if you invest 100 in stocks?

Simply it depends on returns and Capital you invested. How much percentage returns from Capital? For example, You invested 1,00,000 in 100 stocks suppose you have returns of 10% on your 1 Lakh. This means you earned Rs 10,000 capital.

if I invest 100 in the stock market much will I get today?

It depends on your capital gain.

Can I invest Rs 100 in the stock market?

Yes, You can invest Rs 100 in the stock market even a minimum of Rs 10. Some stockings are trading below Rs 100 which you can buy in your portfolio. You can buy some Penny stock But that is High risk.

How much money can you make by investing Rs.100 in the stock market?

Some stock given return under Rs 100. IRFC stock was trading Lower than Rs 100. In the past 6 months stock has given returns of 83.59%.

-Buy Stock for 73.65. 1 QTY.
– The value of 1 stock is 141. Stock is given about 100% returns.

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