Write a Review and Earn Paytm Cash

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Most time you hear about it. Write a Review and Earn Paytm Cash. you may think is it possible to earn money by Writing a review. The answer is “Yes”. We can earn money by writing reviews. Nowadays days lots of fake apps and websites are also available on the internet that make you fool. Later in this article, I will suggest a genuine website where you can earn money by writing reviews.

The simple thought behind the mind is that you should write a simple and honest review on the website. These are some websites that allow users to review and earn.

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Do you know any platform, where college students can earn money by writing reviews of their colleges?

Students who love to share thoughts and experiences can earn a good amount of cash by just writing reviews. In this article, I have shared some websites where you can earn money by writing reviews.

Write a Review and Earn Paytm Cash on Studydekho.com

This Educational website is where students to search for colleges and institutes. We Empower students by Simplifying choices, ensuring quality education, and fostering success.

-Go Website

-Login First after that start Writing the Review

Write a Review and Earn Paytm Cash on Collegedunia.com

Collegedunia.com is a website aimed at simplifying the college search process for students in India. Here’s a breakdown of what they offer:

  • College Information: They compile information on a vast number of colleges and universities in India, including details like fees, courses offered, placement records, alumni network, rankings, and even reviews.
  • Exam Resources: They provide information and resources for various entrance exams, including practice papers, tips, and strategies.
  • User-friendly platform: Their website and app are designed to be user-friendly, allowing students to easily search, compare, and shortlist colleges based on their specific needs and preferences.
  • Personalized Feed (with account creation): Collegedunia allows students to create profiles to receive personalized recommendations and updates relevant to their academic interests.

They very exciting offer for review writing on the website.

-the same process they have you need to make an account first

-After that start writing Review

Write a Review and Earn Paytm Cash

Do’s & Don’t’s – Points to Consider While Writing a Review

  • Be Factual – Read the instructions provided along with the questions carefully, and try to include the mentioned facts to the best of your knowledge
  • Be Decent – Talking about your alma mater should always have decency, even when criticizing it. No Rash Words Should be Used in the content, it will be edited during the moderation process.
  • Be Original – Don’t Copy and write your own experience. Most elaborate reviews might bring extra rewards. Write your review on your own, don’t let anyone else use your identity.
  • Be Patient – The review has 8 steps, each step covering one aspect of your college life, so answer them with patience so they add value to the user. You can always complete the review form in phases.
  • Be Social – Once you are done with your review, share the review form with as many students from your college as possible. More the review more the rewards. Reviews for the courses with lesser reviews on Collegedunia have extra rewards added to them.


  • Monthly Winners will be announced at the start of each month. Winners of July 2023 will be announced on 1st August 2023.
  • The top 3 monthly winners will each receive a bonus cash reward of ₹15,000, ₹12,000, ₹7,000 respectively. Candidates in positions 4 to 10 on the leaderboard at the end of the month will get a ₹2,000 bonus cash prize. This is separate from the amount earned through individual referrals.
  • To be eligible for the bonus cash reward, the 1st prize winner should have at least 90 successful referrals; the 2nd prize winner should have at least 70 successful referrals; the 3rd prize winner should have at least 50 successful referrals; and the remaining 4th–10th position holders must have at least 30 referrals.
  • There are two ways to earn reward points:
    1. Write a college review to get up to 1000 points (₹500). Minimum of 200 points (₹100)
    2. Share your referral code with your friends to encourage them to write college reviews. Upon approval of such reviews, you will earn up to 200 points(₹100). When the review submitted using your referral code is approved, you will be rewarded in cash.
  • For each successfully approved MBA review obtained through a referral, the referring user will receive a reward of ₹200.
  • A successful referral is when the review submitted using your referral code is approved. 1 point = ₹0.5

Write a Review and Earn Paytm Cash on Trust Radius

Write a Review and Earn Paytm Cash on Vidyavision.com

-This is also a College Review Website where students can share their colleague experience with College facilities, how colleague placement, and other things in college.

-You have Goin First

-Need to set up accounts for Paytm and Phonepe.