What is 32 Market River Falls Wi Credit Card Charge

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32 Market is a company that provides miro-markets and self-checkout systems. In this article, we will understand 32 Market River Falls Wi Credit Card Charge. These are essentially small, unattended convenience stores often found in offices, universities, or hospitals. If you recently purchased food, drinks, or other items at River Falls WI, the charge might be from 32 Market.

Charges depend upon your purchase.

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What is 32 Market River Falls WI?

“32 Market” is a business located in River Falls, Wisconsin. While specific details about the establishment may vary, it’s likely a retail store or market offering various items like home grocery and other items that are used in-house. These could include groceries, household items, convenience products, and possibly services like a deli or gas station.

  • Three Square Market (32M): This company provides micro-markets and self-checkout systems. Micro-markets are essentially small, unattended convenience stores often found in offices, universities, or hospitals.
  • River Falls, WI: This is the location of 32M’s headquarters.
32 Market River Falls wi Credit Card Charge

So, the credit card charge from “32 Market River Falls, WI” likely means you purchased a micro-market operated by 32M. These micro-markets would have self-checkout kiosks where you pay using your credit card.

32 Market River Falls wi Credit Card Charge Legit?

32 Market company in the business of providing goods and services. company has rusted by more than 27,000 customers around the world. if you have purchased anything from 32 Market by using your credit card then it’s good. if seems that the purchase has unnecessary charges then need to contact your credit card customer care.

How to Investigate Your Credit Card Charges?

These are some steps you can follow to investigate your Credit card charges.

  • Review Your Receipts: First, Check for receipts or transaction records from “32 Market” in River Falls, Wisconsin. This can help confirm whether the charge is legitimate and matches your purchases.
  • Contact the Business: Contact “32 Market” directly through their contact information available online or on your credit card statement. Inquire about the transaction in question and ask for details to verify its legitimacy or you can check the below Details.

3329 Casey Street
River Falls, WI 54022

Customer Service: 715.386.2233
Sales Inquiries: 612.267.8277

General Questions: contact@cantaloupe.com

  • Contact Your Credit Card Issuer: If you still do not understand the charge, then contact your credit card issuer. They can provide information about the transaction, including the date, time, and location of the purchase. They may also offer assistance in disputing unauthorized charges if necessary.
  • Check for Fraudulent Activity: Be vigilant for any other unfamiliar or suspicious charges on your credit card statement. Report any unauthorized transactions to your credit card issuer immediately to prevent potential fraud.

By taking these steps, you can better understand the legitimacy of the credit card charge from “32 Market River Falls WI”.

Final Words

Market 24 is legit they have stores and you can buy home consumer items. Do you think these transactions are not done by you then you contact your credit card provider. better you can first contact Market 24 and if the issue is not clear then you can contact your credit card. they will explain everything about your transition time and date.

Who Owns Market 32?

Market 32 is owned by 2 companies the gulab corporation and Northest Grocery.

Did Market 32 buy ShopRite?

Yes, Market 32 purchased of lease store from Shoprite.