9640 Amc Online Credit Card Charge? Charges are Legit?

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9640 AMC Online Credit Card Charge might appear to be the annual automatic re-subscription to the AMC Premier / AMC Stubs program. AMC is a movie theatre ticketing or premier subscription that might be charged by your credit card. You need to contact your Credit card provider or AMC Theatre. 9640 may be the amount charged on credit cards.

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What is the charge for AMC online?

AMC online Charges refer to your use of your credit card or Debit. these charges are paid to the card provider for using their services.

AMC can be an Annual maintenance charge(AMC) that is paid annually by the cardholders to the Credit card provider. these charges are told by the credit card provider when you take that credit card and the second can be by AMC Theatre services you use like premier membership and movie ticketing. Some people are not aware of the charges and don’t have proper information about the charges. When they saw AMC charges on their credit card they got shocked and got panic. what are AMC charges?

9640 Amc Online Credit Card Charge

These AMC Charges depend upon your credit card provider.

What is 9640 Amc Online Credit Card Charge?

9640 is an amount that has been debited from your credit card. AMC Theatre provides some benefits to cardholders. Membership includes $5 for every $50 spent, waived online ticketing fees, free size upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks, Priority lanes at the box office and concessions, free refill on your large popcorn, Discount Tuesday savings, birthday gifts, member-exclusive offers, screenings and more.

What is 9640 Amc online credit card charge chase?

If you are using a Chase credit card and have a premier membership of AMC. this membership includes lots of features and offers.

9640 Amc Online Credit Card Charge Details

  • First Check your AMC Theatre online account or app. This should show you a transaction history with details like the date, time, and theatre name, and what the charge was for (e.g., a ticket for a specific movie, or an A-List reservation).
  • Check your credit card statement. The statement will usually have a description of the charge, which might be more specific than what you see online.
  • Contact AMC Theatres customer support. They will check your account and give you the exact reason for the charge

How do I find out who charged my credit card?

These are some steps that you can follow to find who charged you.

  • Go to your credit card App and check Transaction then you will find the name of your Charger.
  • Contact your Credit card Provider First. because they have all the information about your credit card. what are services you using they will explain to you all.
  • Most probably they will explain everything. if not then you can contact Charger.
  • If it seems that it’s fraud then block your credit card from the application or contact your credit card provider.

Tips to save your Credit Card from Fraud

  • Turn off your International transaction if not using.
  • Remember your PIN don’t write it down.
  • don’t click on suspicious links or attachments in emails or texts. Banks won’t ask for your personal information this way

Final Words

These are most of the time related to the service that you are using.AMC online has premier members in that they provide many benefits to customers. if you see any charges on your credit best is contact to credit card provider. they will explain to you all the details.


Why is there a random charge on my credit card?

It depends on your charges. what are random charges on your credit card? It might you have taken any membership.

What to do if I see a transaction I don’t Recognise?

if you see any unrecognized transaction then first contact your credit card provider.