HPL Electric Power Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

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HPL Electric Power Share Price Target for 2025 to a minimum price of ₹350 in a maximum price of ₹480.

Currently, the HPL Electric Power Limited stock is hot in the market because, on the 29th of December, the stock moved by 6.21%, which is a really big move by HPL Electric. The company received orders of the smart meter total of 545 crores from civil customers as a part of the routine operation.

HPL Electric is one of the leading equipment manufacturers in India, which has been operating for the past 40 years.

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The company mainly has 5 key products: metering solutions, modular switches, switchgear, LED lighting and wires

The companies export the finest in engineering goods to more than 42 countries. In a region of Africa, Europe, and the Indo subcontinent through overseas logistic partners. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of on-load change-over switches with 50% of the market share in the country. It is also has a market share of 20% in the domestic electric meter market and also 5% market share, in the low voltage, switch gear market, and the fifth largest LED manufacturer in the country.

So the company has a good amount of the market sheet and the company is a well-established network with 900+ authorized dealerships and 45,000+ retail across India to reinforce its brand.

Is HPL Share Electric Power is Good Stock to Invest?

Currently Stock is Trading at Rs 295. Stock gives returns of 40.61% just in 1 month. Company in the industry of Electrical Equipment. The company receives an order for an electrical meter. That is in bullish momentum.

Stock gives a rally of 53.10% in 21 days. So stock can give correction.

HPL Electric Power Share Price Target 2025

Electric company sales group quarter and quarter bases are decent. We cannot say the company made a drastic change in the sales quarter in the past 3/quarters in March 2023. The company has sales of Rs 363 crore and by June 2023 the company has sales of Rs 321 crore and in September 2023. The company has a sales of 350. The operating profit of a company is also stable.

In March 2023 the company had a total sale of Rs 1262 crores which is a really good number. If we compare from the previous year the sales growth is 19.65% from the previous year. Past 10 years, every sale of the company has been 1009.5 crores, which is a really good number. In the future, HPL Electric will increase its sales and the HPL Electric Power Share Price Target for 2025 to a minimum price of ₹350 in a maximum price of ₹480.

HPL Electric Power Share Price Target 2030

In March 2023, the company had a net profit of Rs 30 crores which if we compare from the previous year was only eight crore rupees. The company has a compounded profit growth in the past three years of 11% and the stock CAGR in the past three years is 78% in the past year 149%. That is good.

HPL Electric has maintained a good OPM of more than 11% every year since 2012. and operating profit of the company is also good in the past year March 2020 the company is operating profit of 125 crore now in March 2023. The company has an operating profit of 57 crore and the average profit of a company in the past five years 128.5 crore is average average operating profit in the past five years. same if a company, gives a good return or gives a return in the upcoming year. Then the average operating profit will increase in the future. HPL Electric Power Share Price Target for 2030 the minimum is ₹610 and the maximum is ₹750.

HPL Electric Power Share Price Target 2040

Now understand the HPL electric balance sheet currently the company has a current asset of Rs 1203.25 crore. The company has a total asset of Rs 1700.71 crores and the total liability of the company is Rs 886.12 crores.

HPL Electric Power Share Price Target

In the financial 2022, the total assets of the company were 1637.84 crores which increased to Rs 1700.71 and the total liabilities in financial 2022 were 853.44 crores, and now in 2023, the total liabilities increased to 886.12 crore. The HPL Electric Power Share Price Target 2040 minimum target is expected at ₹910 to a maximum of Rs 1100.

HPL Electric Power Share Price Target 2050

by understanding the shareholding pattern, we will get a good idea and overview of the company. The FII decreased the holding from 0.43% to zero % and the DII also decreased the holding by 0.01% and

holding increased by 0.44% so these are good signs because the institutional investor is lower, their holding, and the company has a good promoter holding of 72.66%. HPL electric share price target for 2050. The minimum target is expected to be ₹1200 and the maximum target is expected ₹1300.

HPL Electric Power Share Price Target 2025-2050

YearsMinimum TargetMaximum Target
2025Rs 350Rs 480
2030Rs 610Rs 750
2035Rs 800Rs 890
2040Rs 910Rs 1100
2045Rs 1110Rs 1180
2050Rs 1200Rs 1300


The company showing good signs of profitability, but the stock valuation and growth have been really low in the past five years. The current ratio of a company is lower than the industry average in a past year debt to equity ratio. Company has 72.19% versus the industry average is only 22.25% 

means the company has a high debt-equity ratio which should be lower And the income of the company has not been good in the past five years. The company’s market share has decreased from 2.66% to 1.68% so these are not good signs for the Company and the FII and DII are also reducing their holding, so we cannot say this is the perfect year to buy.

Data from ticker tape and screener.in


we are not SEBI registered advisors, our objective is only to provide detailed information related to the company’s business to the public.  Investors should conduct their research and analysis and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.


Is HPL Electric a good buy?

That electric stock is currently in a bullish mood trading at the 100 moving average, and the 200 hundred hundred DMA.

What is the share price target of HP Electric 2025?

HP Electric Power share price target for 2025 minimum price of ₹350 with a maximum price of ₹480.

Who is the CEO of HPL Electric?

Rishi Seat, director of HP Electric Power.