Tata Motors Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

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Tata Motors Share Price Target for 2025. The minimum is ₹700 and the maximum is ₹1100.

Hello, investors in the article, We are going to understand the Tata Motors company, understand the company’s growth potential, and do a fundamental analysis of the tutors as well as a technical analysis. In this article, we are going Tata Motors Share Price Target.

Seeing how the company’s sales are increasing year on year and quarter and quarter based on this company’s yearly profit and income statement will help us understand the company’s future and Stock move.

What are the Targets of Easy Trip share price Target 2025?

About Company

Tata Motors is the global leader in automobile manufacturing groups of a wide range of product cars, Sports utility vehicles truck buses, and defense vehicles in the world.

Tata Motors Share Price Target

Jaguar Land Rover – 67%
Tata Commercial Vehicles – 19%
Tata Passenger Vehicles – 11%
Vehicles financing – 2%
Others – 1%

Tata Motors Fundamental Analysis

Company NameTata Motors Ltd
Market Cap₹ 3,34,842 Cr.
Debt to Equity Ratio2.38
52-Week High/Low₹ 950 / 400
ROE5.62 %
Debt₹ 1,27,864 Cr.
Sale Growth33.1 %
Industry PE26.8
Face Value₹ 2.00

Tata Motors Company Growth Points

  • BS6 Phase 2 transition completed successfully
  • Altroz iCNG disrupts the market without compromising boot space in a CNG vehicle.
  • Nexon EV celebrates the 50K sales milestone. 10K Tiago.EVs delivered in four months 
  • JLR Order book remains strong with 185k units, 76% for RR, RRS & Defender
  • Agratas announces investment in UK cell manufacturing facility to supply JLR
  • Model year updates to Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport 

Tata Motors 5-Year Sales Growth

Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023
291,550 Cr301,938 Cr261,068 Cr249,795 Cr278,454 Cr345,967 Cr

Tata Motors has 5 Years of Revenue Growth.

YearsRevenue (Cr)
20182,99,128.27 Cr
20193,05,280.69 Cr
20202,64,179.78 Cr
20212,53,147.52 Cr
20222,81,617.50 Cr
20233,52,534.97 Cr

First 5-Year Shareholding Pattern

PercentageMar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023Dec 2023
Promoters +36.37%38.37%42.39%46.41%46.40%46.39%46.37%
FIIs +20.26%19.14%16.84%13.78%14.45%15.34%18.62%
DIIs +17.50%16.10%13.42%11.91%14.38%17.69%17.25%
Government +0.16%0.17%0.16%0.15%0.14%0.14%0.14%
Public +25.71%26.22%27.19%27.75%24.62%20.41%17.60%

Tata Motor’s Past 5-Year Stock Returns

1 Week4.52%
1 Month14.83%
3 month41.44%
6 month47.53%
1 Year110.29%
2 Year83.23%
5 Year509.29%

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2025

Tata Motor has been performing well in the past six months. The stock gave a return of 49.15%. That is good and the past 1 month’s returns of the stock is about 12.48% so the investors who are invested in the stock are heavy from the stock after a long time the stock gave the breakout. still given the past the stock has a good potential to give good returns in the future. Tata Motor share price target for 2025. The minimum is ₹700 and the maximum is ₹1100.

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2030

Quarter and quarter BC the sales of the data motors are increasing well in September 2023. The sales are 105,128 cr and in December this increased to 110,577. The compounded sales growth in the last three years has increased by 10% and the last five years has increased by 3% so overall the sales of the company are really good and we hope in future the company will also increase the sales. Tata Motor share price target for 2030 is a minimum is ₹1800 and a maximum is ₹2500.

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2040

The total revenue of Tata Motors in 2021 and 2022 increased by 11.25% in 2022 to financially at 2023 the total revenues increased by 25.18% which is good Also in quarter and quarter basis Company revenue is growing well in the total revenue quarter is increased by 25.06 year and the net profit also is increased in the quarter is about 137.52% year on year. Tata share Price Target for 2040 a minimum target is expected ₹4000 and the maximum is ₹4500.

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2050

The Tata Motor share price target 2050 depends upon most of the factors like how the company is doing at the time the current markets and the company business. Wholesale of the 93K vehicles which is a year-on-year growth is 30% in the retail. Retail business is higher in all regions. if compared to the previous year. Tata Motor share price target 2050 minimum target is Rs 6500 and the maximum is Rs 7000.

Tata Motors Share Price Target 2025-2050

YearsMinimum TargetMaximum Target
2025Rs 700Rs 1100
2026Rs 1150Rs 1400
2027Rs 1410Rs 1785
2030Rs 1800Rs 2500
2040Rs 4000Rs 4500
2050Rs 6500Rs 7000


Overall, the company’s fundamentals are very strong and the company’s profitability is very good. Stock gives good returns to investors. Past 5-year stock returns are 500%.


we are not SEBI registered advisors, our objective is only to provide detailed information related to the company’s business to the public.  Investors should conduct their research and analysis and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.


What is Tata Motor Share Price Target 2025?

ata Motor share price target for 2025. The minimum is ₹700 and the maximum is ₹1100.

Is Tata Motor a good buy today?

Yes, Tata motor is a good stock. The company is financially strong.