Earn $500 Extra in Week 5 Ways that Help you

It's very good to have some extra bugs in your pocket. So that we can spend. Salary finishes in just 1 week of a month so it's better to have some dollars.

Bloggers and Affiliate marketing earn more than $500 in a week. if you are working 4-5 hrs per day then you begin to earn passive money.

1. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

You can also create products that you can sell on the online platform. if you have an existing audience, marketing your products is easier.

2. Product Creation

Investing in the stock market can also help to make some dollars at the weekend. Extra cash can have dividends

3. Investing

Online course creation can be a good option. Its have the potential to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars

4. Online Course Creation:

This is the most hot idea for earning money. Most people are earning money from YouTube by just creating videos. The weekly earns $0.10 to $5.00 per 1,000 views.

5. YouTube Channel

Most of investtor do't know what correct ways of investing through this story  i just explain some points that you keep in mind.

7 Rules of Smart Investing