What is 2500 Broadway Santa Monica Charge on Credit Card?

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Did you encounter charges from “2500 Broadway Santa Monica charge on Credit card“? Got confused about where these charges are. Some people panic and wonder if these charges are legit or if they are being scammed by someone.

Dynamix Total Products Charge on Credit Card

Based on Our team’s research over the Internet we are going to provide all the details regarding these charges. Later in this article, we are going to explain why 2500 Broadway Santa Monica was charged to the credit card. How can you remove these charges?

Why is 2500 Broadway Santa Monica Charge on Credit Card?

Let’s understand the charge description.

  • 2500:- 2500 dollars that are charged to Your credit card.
  • Broadway Santa Monica:- This Location is where transactions are happening.

It could be a charge from a hotel (like the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel), a store, a restaurant, or another business in that area as you used your credit card for the payment. After payment, you forget about the transaction date So it is better to check the exact date and exact description on the credit card statement.

Charges are from Hulu as everyone is explaining on the internet. However, we think that Hulu’s maximum charge is $15 a month, and if we year it is around 15*12= $180. So this charge is not related to Hulu. We are also sharing methods on how to cancel HULU subscriptions.

But better to check your receipt for proper information.

HULU is an OTT platform that provides online streaming services. They have subscription-based model. there are chance that you have taken a Hulu subscription.

Possible reasons behind 2500 Broadway Santa Monica charge

  • Store/retail Purchase
  • Restaurant bills
  • Hotel Stay at Broadway Santa Monica.

How to remove is 2500 Broadway Santa Monica charge on Credit Card?

Here are some steps you can take to dispute a charge on your credit card bill:

  1. Confirm the charge isn’t valid.
  2. Contact the business.
  3. Contact the credit card issuer.
  4. Pay your bill.
  5. Contact an ombudsperson.

How to cancel your Hulu Subscription?

You can’t cancel your Hulu subscription directly through the Hulu app on your phone or other devices. However, you can cancel it easily through the Hulu website. Here’s how:

  1. Head to Hulu.com: Open a web browser on your phone, computer, or tablet and go to the Hulu website.
2500 Broadway Santa Monica charge on credit card
  1. Log in to your account: Click on “Log in” in the top right corner and enter your Hulu account email and password.
  2. Access your account settings: Once logged in, click on your profile picture or name in the upper right corner. A dropdown menu will appear. Select “Account” from the menu.
  3. Find the subscription section: On the Account page, scroll down until you find a section labeled “Your Subscription” or something similar.
  4. Cancel the subscription: Click the “Cancel” button next to your current subscription plan.
  5. Confirm cancellation (optional): Hulu might try to entice you to stay with offers to pause your subscription instead of canceling entirely. If you’re sure you want to cancel, click “Continue to Cancel” to proceed.
  6. Finalize cancellation: You might see additional offers or promotions, but to confirm the cancellation, click “No, Continue to Cancel”.

Final Words

If you identify your charges are unauthorized then you can contact your bank or credit card issuers or you can contact to business who charged on your credit card. Cross-verify your movement to the charge date on your credit card.