What is Optix Medical Supplies Charge on Credit Card?

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You may wonder why the “Optix Medical Supplies Charge” appears on your credit card statement.

We will explain everything to you regarding the Optix Medical Supplies Charge on your Credit Card. We have found some interesting things about this charge. While researching online about this charge we have found more than 3 companies using the “Optix” name sound funny? However, they offer different services.

Most people see Optix medical supplies charged to their credit card and they panic and ask why this charge is on their credit card.

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I never used Optix Medical but why is it showing on my credit card? In this article, we are going to explain what Optix medical supplies charge. how do you resolve these types of charges from credit card statements?

What is Optix Medical Supplies Charge on Credit Card?

After research on the internet, our team found out Optix Medical has Keto gummies products that help you to reduce your weight. There is a chance that you buy a product from Optix Medical by using your credit card. In “Keto Gummies” they combine the ketogenic diet with apple cider vinegar.

Optix Medical Supplies Charge on Credit Card

As we mentioned above in the article we have found more companies using the “Optix” name offering different services.

There is one more website with the name “Optix Medical System“. They build some medical products.

Many people have complained about this company to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They say they signed up for a free trial, but then they were charged extra money they weren’t expecting on their credit cards. They also say the company makes it difficult to get a refund. The BBB contacted the company in September 2023 to tell them about these complaints, but the company hasn’t responded yet.

There is one more website with the name “Optixinc.com “. On their website, they mention they are not Optix medical supply. Along that we have also found a similar website named “optixapp” According to this website they offer space designing and turning a space into a beautiful look. So check did you used any services to enhance your space if yes then the charge might be related to the Optix app otherwise it will be related to Optix medical.

They provide different services to customers like medical, education hospitals, etc.

This Company Optix Inc. offers microscope sales and services to educational institutions, Hospitals, and research centers. If the charge appears on your credit card statement with the description “OPTIX INC” then this is related to the microscope service that you have taken from them.

How to resolve the Optix Medical Supplies Charge on Credit Card?

We already discussed why you might be charged on your credit card. if not then you contact your credit card issue they will tell you all the details regarding this transaction Like Date, amount place of the transaction. this helps you remember where you did a transaction.

Optix Medical Supplies’ phone number

On the Optix medical supplies website, they do not provide any mobile number they just give a form that you need to fill ask your query. In that, you need to provide your name email address, and mobile number.

you can contact them by this form.

It is Scam or Not?

It is tough to say whether this is a scam or not as we have found three websites with similar names but different from each other one offers keto gummies and medical products and the second offers Medical equipment services such as microscope service. The third one offers space designing so it depends on what description appears on your credit card after that contact the concerned company.

However, the BBB is not Accredited with this company and mentioned an F rating.

Final Words

If you found charges on your credit card statement from “Optix Medical Supplies“. first, you check your transaction history then you can contact to bank or credit card provider which will explain all the details. It might be a scam so immediately contact your bank.