What is Cometinbox Charge on Credit Card?

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Are you also struggling with the Cometinbox Charge on Credit Card? Take a long breath and just relax. In this article, we are going to explain every possible reason for these types of charges and we will also explain how you can dispute these types of charges.

Cometinbox charges on Credit cards are mostly related to an e-commerce store that sells shoes online.

What is Optix Medical Supplies Charge on Credit Card?

What is Cometinbox Charge on Credit Cards?

While researching the reasons behind the charges our team found two companies one selling shoes and the other one a courier delivering company.

Cometinbox Charge on Credit cards are most likely related to a website which is called cometinbox.com which mostly sells shoes and another reason could be cometdelivery.com. As the name suggests delivery, they deliver a different type of your product.

Cometinbox Charge on Credit card

They will arrange your shipping goods from anywhere around the globe and receive the warehouse of your goods at their location with the safety and repacking the goods and shipping them anywhere. 

Is Cometinbox Legit?

So this is the only website where the sum of people buy their shoes, but they are commenting that they ordered the shoes, but they haven’t received the shoes.

Credit cards

According to the Better Business Bureau CometInbox LLC got seven Complaints in the last 12 months. These are all user’s complaints because they order something but they don’t receive that product when they contact the website and the mailing and saying that they will deliver after some time. Some people reported they charged in the range of $97- $127 on their credit card.

Is Cometinbox Charge on Credit Card Fraud?

Is Cometinbox Charge on Credit Card Fraud? It depends upon your situation. If you purchase something from the website and you get your products it doesn’t mean it’s fraud. It might be legal, but if you order something and do not get that order, you can directly contact them and you can also register a complaint against them that you order something, but don’t receive any product.

The second thing is you also haven’t used your credit card on the website but still you are getting some charges as other people are getting charges so in that case means your card is used by someone else so it’s better to immediately contact your bank or credit card provider so that they can block your credit card. Next time ask them to give me better protection than the previous.

How to dispute Cometinbox Charge on Credit Card?

Before disputing these charges, you should know whether the charges are legit or fraudulent. If the charges are a fraud on your credit card, then you can easily dispute them. 

Disputing your charges, you can contact your bank or credit card provider and you can ask them. This is a transition or not done by me. I want to dispute these charges and they will help you out.

Also, explain some possible reasons for the transaction because they have all the digital regarding your transaction.

How to stay safe from credit card fraud transactions

Here are some things that you keep in mind while using a credit card

Credit Card Detail:- You should be very curious about your credit card information on which website you are sharing your credit card information. Make sure this website is a HTTPS-secured website. Never use public Wi-Fi for any transaction video credit card. In public Wi-Fi, hackers can easily hack and they can monitor your website transactions and get your credit card details.

Strong Password:- We should use a strong password for a credit card or PIN while using online banking would avoid easily guessable information like birthday address this type of password can easily be guessed by anyone so keep your password very strong.

Your Statement:- Regularly, you should review your credit card statement for any unfamiliar charges most banks offer online mobile banking apps that allow you to access your credit card statement or you can learn them very easily.

Final word

Already we have explained some possible reasons regarding these types of charges. in the future, if you encounter these types of transactions on a credit card better to immediately block your credit card customer care number is mentioned on the backside of the credit card so you can directly contact them.

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