What is Homeserve USA Charge on Credit Card? 2 Simple Steps Remove Charge

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Getting charged from “Homeserve USA Charge on Credit Card“. And wondering why this charge is on my credit card. Also wondering Is these charges are legit and how can I remove the charges.

In this article, we are going to drill down the Homeserve USA charge on Credit Cards.

The Homeserve USA charge on your credit card might you have used any of the services from the homeServe USA.

HomeServe USA website provides different types of services to the US household later We will explain each and everything in detail.

500 Chastain Center Blvd Charge on Credit Card

What is a Homeserve USA Charge on Credit Card?

If you are looking for home repair services such as plumbing work, electrical work, heating ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Then the home service USA could be an option because these types of services are provided by the Home service.

Plumbing:- Plumbing repair is a real headache, exterior water, waterline, interior plumbing training system shower sept line repair are not usually covered by the homeowner’s insurance or the repair plan for the home service. They can also avoid drawing hassle and stress associated with covering plumbing line home repair.

Heating and cooling:- Water heater heating system or air condition system failure, and inconvenience finding a qualified professional to address the problem quickly can be time-consuming and costly with an affordable repair plan for the home server you can avoid the hassle associated with covering HVAC system repair.

Electrical:- There is an outage of power faulty wiring another issue and major inconvenience with the electrical repair plan. You can help to avoid the shock of the Cover bill for their services to repair the electrical issues.

Homeserve USA charge on Credit card

These are the services provided by homeserve.com and the good thing is that you can call in 24/7 they will send technicians to your doorstep so they have a different plan according to your requirements.

To get the details, just need to enter your area PIN to check whether they provide service or not and get the quotes from their website.

So they have a different plan as I told you earlier. They can charge you $8.9 per month for the exterior water service line so the charges may vary according to your ZIP Code and service requested by you.

Is Homeserve USA Charge on Credit Card Legit?

Yes, of course, these charges can be legit. If you have taken the services from homeserve.com or any of the services you’re using, then these charges are legit.

According to the consumeraffairs.com, the 4-star rating is for the Homeserve website. This 4-star rating is given by the 1853 reviews. People are pretty happy with their home services and their monthly premium cost is from $7.99 to 58.33 $.

How to dispute Homeserve USA charge on Credit card charges?

If have found that the transaction is not done by you and you have not used any service of HomeServe USA. In that case, it is very important to report the incident to your bank or your credit card company

After reporting to your financial institution they will start investing and can prevent you from further loss.

Final word

As our research on the Internet, according to the Homserve website, they provide different services to households and replace and repair different things like electrical plumbing service according to the ZIP Code has a different price per month.

If the charges seem legitimate, review your HomeServe USA receipt to confirm the details. If you believe the charges are incorrect, contact your bank or credit card company to initiate a dispute for a refund.


How do I cancel my Homeserve USA service?

If you want to cancel your HomeServe USA, then you can directly contact them or you can send the email to info@theratehomeserveus.com

What is the phone number of HomeServe USA?

1-866-586-0326. This is the contact number for the home sir us.com website you can contact them by phone number or you can email them.

Can I cancel the phone service?

Yes, you can cancel your home service.