What is Tyler Technologies Charge on Credit Card?

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Are you nervous about whether you get the charges from Tyler Technologies Charge on Credit Card? In this article, we are going to explain what a Tyler Technologies charge on your credit card means and how to handle it if necessary. These charges appear on credit card statements when you make payments to government agencies or businesses through their platform.

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What Tyler Technologies Charge on Credit Card?

Tyler Technologies builds software tools for governments, schools, and other public organizations in the US. These tools help them run smoother. The company provides payment services to government agencies, including taxes, parking tickets, licenses, and permits

  • Special programs to handle permits and licenses
  • Software to manage court cases
  • Programs to track money and budgets
  • Systems to value properties for taxes
  • Tools to run schools more efficiently

Tyler Technologies is a big company that anyone can invest in (like buying a tiny piece of the company) yes company is registered in the New York Stock Exchange. Companies main office is in Plano, Texas. They’ve been around since 1966, helping public organizations for over 50 years! Tyler Technologies was founded in 1996 by Joseph and McKinney. 

Tyler Technology is a cloud-based company that provides payment solutions and types of payment processing to the government sector as well as the private sector.

Tyler Technologies Charge on Credit Card

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It also manages all type all aspects of merchant service, including onboard, shopping cart, checkout fee, handling, and receipt.

Is Tyler Technologies Charge on Credit Card legit?

Yes, Tyler Technologies is a legit company that provides payment services to many government agencies that use these types of payment methods for billing fees, ticking, fine onboarding, shopping carts, checkout fees, handling, and receipt. In the past month or a few days if you use your credit card to pay bills fees, or any type of fine then there is a chance that this type of charge will affect your credit card.

How to remove Tyler Technologies Charge

Call your bank or credit card company first. They can see all your transactions and start a process to fight the charge if you think it’s wrong. They’re the fastest way to get help.

(Optional) You can also try contacting Tyler Technologies. This might be helpful if you want to ask them directly about the charge. But calling your bank is usually the quickest way to fix things. Their contact info is listed below if you need it.

Here are the Contact details of Tyler Technologies

Company NameTyler Technologies
Founded in1996 (by Joseph and McKinney)
Corporate Headquarters5101 Tennyson Parkway Plano, Texas 75024
Phone No972-713-3700
Email info@tylertech.com

It may be less effective to resolve disputes with Tyler Technologies by contacting your bank. Payment processing is their main responsibility, and your bank has the power to stop charges.

Final word

When you initially see a “Tyler Technologies” transaction on your credit card statement, it may not make sense. But perhaps this article clarified that the money you paid to a government agency or company was probably genuine.

Recall that you should never hesitate to ask your bank for clarification if you have any questions concerning the fee. Their purpose is to assist!


Is there another way to check on a Tyler Technologies charge?

Stuck trying to find a past payment? Your bank is a great place to start, but there’s another option! Think about where you might have paid the money, like the library for a fine. Those places often let you check your payment history on their website too! So, if it’s not at your bank, try looking it up where you think you paid.