What is Vioc Credit Card Charge?

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You also wonder why this mysterious charge with the description “Vioc “. If you recently encountered a charge from the VIOC credit card charge on your credit card statement, then you come to the right article in this article we are going to discuss the Vioc charges and why they appear on my credit card. Don’t need to panic. If they are fraud, then can dispute this type of charge.

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What is the Vioc Credit Card Charge?

These types of transactions are on a credit card when you use your debit card credit card to pay services Valvo line Instant Oil Change(VIOC) is a chain of stores also known as Vioc. These types of charges are to the Vioc charges as the name if you visited their store, use the services like rotation air filter replacement whatever the amount they charge that would appear on your credit card.

Vioc Credit card charge

VIOC: Decoded! What This Means on Your Credit Card

    The VIOC stands for Volvo line instant oil change. This simply means that when you visit the shop and you use their services to change your oil this is because this is showing on your credit card.

    They also offer different types of services. here is a screenshot of the oil change service offered by them.

    Why is Vioc Charge Appearing on Credit Card Statement?

    Vioc is based on the services at the Valvoline store. This is also depends upon which type of oil used in your car and this is also depends upon the oil type example you are using in the coil change or conventional oil the boat oil has a different charge, so depending upon the charges may differ.

    Is Vioc Charge on Credit Card Legit?

    Looking at the facts and details available on intent we can say Yes this charge is a legitimate charge on the credit card. This charge is linked to the Valvoline Oil.

    Can I Avoid Vioc Credit Card Charge?

    If you’re taking service from Valvoline store. If you want to avoid this kind of charge, you can pay by cash instead of using a credit card or debit card this way you can order the charges on our bank statement.

    Final word

    If you use any services from VIOC charges on your credit card statement. if you have any doubt regarding your VIOC charges, in that case, you can directly contact VIOC support for more clarification. You can also contact your bank or credit card issuer.