What is the Patriot Society Charge on Credit Card?

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Are you wondering about a ‘Patriot Society Charge’ on your credit card? Relax, this article will explain why the Patriot Society might be charging you and what it could mean for your membership. Most people encounter charges from the ‘Patriot Society Charge on Credit Cards’.

Don’t need to be afraid of this article. We’re going to understand why the Patriot Society is charging your credit card and what the possible reasons are for the Patriot Society membership in the program.”

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What is the Patriot Society Charge on Credit Card?

The Patriot Society is a website where they provide different types of products and they have one membership program in that they are giving you different types of books and giving you training in emergency cases. The membership is $39.95 for one year.

Our team did online research after that we will confirm that these are the charges from a website called thepatriotsociety.com

Patriot Society Charge on Credit Card

In their membership, they provide library instruction of a video and written document on how to guide and the special emergency preparation report by their team, and they also provide digital access to all books, including any new books they publish.

And have also products like the deluxe 72 hours kit which is $84. 72-hour kits with two pens the Pro is $159 the Survival Guide Alive after Collapse is $3.95 and a technical bundle of survival pants and digital access to all types of books have product society.

If you have used any of the services like if you buy products from their website by using your credit card or if you take their membership of $39.95 then there might be chances that these types of charges are on a credit card.

Are Patriot Society Charge on Credit Card Legit?

According to the website, the website is 10 years old website, providing their service for 10 years so you can rely on the website but according to the website review, most of the people are complaining about their services they are saying they didn’t buy their membership or they don’t buy any product from their website but still they are getting charges from their website.

Simply means that someone is using your credit card without knowing you, it’s me directly you can contact your bank or credit card provider. They will help you dispute your charges on your credit card.

How to Remove the Patriot Society Charge on Credit Card?

If you want to remove your charger from your card unauthorized charges in that case, you can remove these types of charges by contacting your bank or credit card issue otherwise you can contact the pet websociety.com website given their number you can contact them call or you can mail them. The contact number is operation from 9 AM to, 5 PM.

Contact Details of the Patio Society website.

Mailing Address:

Patriot Society
11035 Lavender Hill Drive, Suite #160
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Customer Service Phone: 702-899-2851

Office Address:

Patriot Society
7455 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy, Suite #220
Las Vegas, NV, 89113

Reviews of Patriot Society

According to the Better Business Bureau complaint regarding the Petrol Society website they gave a 1.18/5.

Final words

If you have not taken any service from the petrol society, then simply you can cancel this type of service if you see the charges of the credit card. Because most people are reporting that they don’t buy their service, but they are getting charges on their credit card.

But in case you have purchased something from their website, then this type of charge is legit.