What is Ets Public Du Musee Du Charge on Credit Card?

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Have you noticed “Ets Public Du Musee Du Charge on Credit Card” in your bank or credit card statements? Don’t panic about this charge on your statement. This charge is normally related to the famous museum, most likely the Louvre in Paris. Later in this article, we are going to understand each and everything regarding these charges.

We will also give some possible reasons for these charges and we will also explain how you can remove these types of charges if they are scams.

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What is Ets Public Du Musee Du Charge on Credit card?

When this charge appears on the statement google it and you will find the museum in France.

If you translate “Ets Public Du Musee Du” into English by using any translating tool, it means the public establishment of the museum collection in French. This is not the name of any museum, but this is the entity that is handling the financial-related activity to that Museum most notably the charges from this museum tickets.

Ets Public Du Musee Du Charge on Credit card

have you visited France in recent times? If Yes, then this charge is directly related to the museum.

So there are the chances that you have visited that museum and you buy the museum ticket by credit card then there might be chances that these types of charges on your credit card.

If you are still confused is the charges from that museum then there are some clues that you can use you can find the timing when you visited the museum and the charges on the credit card

And also does the amount measure the cost of the museum ticket or any additional donation you made during the purchase?

Is Ets Public Du Musee Du Charge on Credit card legit?

So this depends upon whether you visited the museum or any of your family members visited, and that person’s usual credit card for buying the ticket if you use a credit card then it is legit.

If you are not using your credit card or someone unknown is using your credit card then better to contact your credit card provider or the bank so that they will give you direct you. Firstly they will block your compromised credit card after that you can request a new credit card.

How to dispute these Ets Public Du Musee Du Charge on Credit Card?

Now you understand why these charges may appear on your credit card statement so better to contact your bank or credit card provider. They will help you to dispute these kinds of charges if they are unauthorised and if you see that the charges are unauthorized immediately block your credit card because the charges may occur again.

You can also contact the museum support for the charge-related issue. Visit the official website of Measure and navigate to the Contact Us page of the website.

Final word

Most probably these are charges from the museum that you have visited or some of your family members who visited in France and used your credit card to buy the ticket to the museum. The transaction may include a foreign currency transaction fee or currency conversion that you might also need to keep in mind.

Till you have cleared all the things why the charges happen on the credit card and if the charges are legit, then it will be ok if the charges are fraud or scam. Then you can contact your bank.

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