What is Koala Secure Charge on Credit Card?

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Encountering unrecognized, charges on credit cards like koala secure charge on credit card. The Koala secure charge on credit card is most likely related to the VPN services that Kure provides. They have different plans like silver, gold, and platinum.

No need to worry in this article we are going to discuss Koala secure charge on credit card. You might be wondering why this charge is on my credit card and how can I remove these charges from my credit card.

In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons for the Koala secure charge on credit cards and how you can remove these types of charges if these charges are unauthorized.

Along with this VPN service, we have also found 2 more companies that could be the reason behind this charge.

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What is the Koala Secure Charge on Credit Card?

While researching online, our team found three companies with “Koala” in their names. This could explain why you see a charge from “Koala” on your credit card.

One of these companies provides a VPN service, another offers vacation rentals, and the third helps manage recurring subscriptions. You might recognize this charge if you recently signed up for a subscription service and used Koala-Apps to manage it.

However the Charge Descrip[tion is appearing with “Koala Secure” and the secure term is only related to VPN.

The Koala is a VPN Service that is provided by the secure.com website they have provided a VPN for iOS Android and Windows.

Koala secure charge on credit card

Has anyone in the family recently switched their phone or computer security to Koala Secure? They offer a variety of plans to suit different needs, so it might be worth checking it out if you’re considering a change.

They have different plans based on the devices and the fast Internet connection.

  • Silver:- they have a basic silver plan that can support up to two devices and a monthly 19 points double nine dollars is charged.
  • Gold plan:- the number of devices increases up to five and the monthly fee of the subscription is $39.99.
  • Platinum:- if you take this plan, this plan supports up to attend devices and the cost of this plan is $59.99 per month.

The different plans offered by the VPN so that you can check whether you have purchased or taken a subscription to the VPN app or whether someone else in your family is using this VPN with your credit card.

Identifying the Specific Charge

The information accompanying the “Koala Secure” charge on your statement can help you understand the specific reason:

  • Amount: Does it match the total rental cost you agreed to when booking the timeshare through Koala?
  • Date: When did the transaction occur? Did it coincide with the booking date or the start date of your timeshare rental?
  • Description: The statement descriptor might be Koala VPN.

Is Koala secure charge on credit card Legit

Kola Secure VPN is a very authentic website. They are providing the service globally. They also provide their contact and support number. You can also contact them by email or you can call them directly if you are seeing these charges related to these VPN services.

How to remove Koala secure charge on credit card?

If you suspect that the charges are unorganized, you and none of your family members taking a subscription from the secure VPN then you can contact the secure VPN regarding the charges.

Another thing you can also contact your bank and credit card provider they will help to dispute these types of charges.

Final word

Charges to the Koalal secure VPN app or website if you have taken any of their plan from silver gold and platinum.

Due to this membership, you are getting the charges from a secure VPN.


What is Koala secure?

Koala Secure is a VPN service that is provided by them you can use their VPN.