What is TSD Rental Charge on Credit Card?

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Encountering charge from TSD Rental Charge on Credit Card. And worry about where this charge comes from. Stay with us, in this article we will dig deep down on each and everything related to the TSD Rental Charge on credit card. We will conclude everything related to TDS Rental charges based on our online research.

If you encounter the rental charger on a credit card that might be related to your rental car, etc.

What is My Crisis Gear Charge on Credit Card?

What is the TSD Rental Charge on credit card?

Before understanding charges on credit cards, let’s understand what TSD rental is. TSD Solution is a company that offers different types of the facility like mobility solution rental cars, car rental software, and dealership software they have a variety of solutions.

TSD Rental Charge on credit card

They provide two solutions. One is Dealership Software and the second is Rental Software so first we will understand the dealership software.

TSD dealer is a cloud-based and connected dealer solution that stands above the rest whether you have courtesy the car and rental car shuttles or a chef their technology gives us a need to manage your operation with ease.

These, are the services they provided

  • Driving License Scanning:- Driving license in a second and your customer information will auto-populate in a new agreement to save you time
  • Credit Card Processing:- Credit card processing includes fuel charges to charge extra days, car seats, and other incidents right in a drive.
  • Insurance Card Capture:- This service takes a picture of your insurance card with your mobile and device to reduce your liability in case of damage to your business card from the bad renter.

The second is rental software

TSD rental provides 1000 rental car operators with a streamlined car rental software solution to manage their rental car fleet and process more customers than the last time.

  • NPS:- This gives the customer the best experience tied to their check-in with the company claiming a hundred percent process.
  • Reduce liability:- Your business from TSD check for under driver and expired license.
  • Increase efficiency:- Inform decision about your use TSD dashboard to gain a high-level overview of your operation, including the liability of your vehicle.

These are the features provided by the TSD so like if you’re using any of them then there are the chances that you have been charged on your credit card.

Let’s move further in the article we will explain if the charges are legit or not.

Are TSD Rental Charge on Credit Card Legit?

Yes, of course, this is a legit company so the TSD Rental charges under the credit card are legit if you find that the charges are not legit.

These are the charges then you can contact TDS Rent services or you can contact your credit card and bank provider so they will help.

You can contact TDS rental service by calling them or emailing them. Here are details of the TDS Rental Service

  • Phone no – (978) 794 1400
  • Emails – support@tsdweb.com
  • Website :

How to remove this TSD Rental Charge from your credit card?

Analyzing your credit card statement, if you have recognized that these charges are fraud then you can contact your credit card and bank so that they will help you to dispute these kinds of charges.

How to use TSD rental services?

Some following methods that you can use for your rental services.

  • Set up the first unit to set up your rental agreement.
  • Turn on the rental services option in the agreement.
  • Turn the enable charge option.
  • Set up the rates and fuel charges.
  • Capture the customer’s credit card.
  • Manage the rate of fuel and charges
  • After that process the payment.

Final word

Nowadays, scams are increasingly related to credit cards. So you must stay updated with your credit card statement so if you encounter the same TSD rental charger on a credit card, then we have already explained the solution and what are the possible reasons for these kinds of charges?


What is TSD rental?

TSD rental is the performance in which they provided an online solution for the car rental fleet and reservation solution.

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