185 Berry Street San Francisco Charge on Credit Card

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In the digital world, most people see unrecognized charges on their credit cards. In this digital age, scammers come up with new ways to scam innocent people. Sometimes they get our credit card details and do small transactions with our credit to verify whether the card is working or not.

If you see any anonymous charge on your credit card statement or bank statement act immediately and report to your credit card issuer or bank.

We have received requests from many people to share details on “185 Berry Street San Francisco“.

You may also encounter these types of charges one of them being “185 Berry Street San Francisco Charge on Credit Card”.

This article is going to cover What is185 Berry Street San Francisco Charge on Credit Card. How you can resolve these charges? Are These types of charges legit or scams? What are the possibilities of these charges?

Our Finoguy team analyzed Information available on the internet and based on that we can help you to understand about these charges on your credit card statement.

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What is 185 Berry Street San Francisco Charge on Credit Card?

185 Berry Street San Francisco” is addressed in the USA, according to information available on the internet. There are 2 possibilities for having charges on your credit cards.

LYFT Company office is also there some of the users are agreeing one these charges may be by Lyft company. Lyft company provides solutions for transportation to customers. There is some chance that you used a transport service from Lyft company.

The second thing could be that LYFt uses Stripe for payment processing. Sometimes it is location instead of business. Stripe is a company that normally processes payments from customer accounts to company accounts. These are some possibilities for this kind of charge.

185 Berry St
San Francisco, CA 94107 This address only one building is available that is for lease on LoopNet.

Is 185 Berry Street San Francisco Charge legit?

Till now we have explained about charges and the possible reasons for these charges. Now may you think, okay it is charges from them but did not use any service then how do I get charges on my credit card? then you should immediately contact your customer care number which is available back side of your credit card.

Yes, If the charges are from LYFT or Stripe then these charges are legit. If you want to exact information about the charge just call your bank or credit card issuer. They will explain about charge date, time, and company name also.

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How to Remove Unauthorized Charges?

If you find that these charges are unauthorized then better contact your credit card provider. In some cases, they refund that money to you.

When you find the charge is not legitimate then request to block your current credit card. Submit a request for a new credit card don’t use the compromised credit card.

Final Words

Without having more information we can not say that these are from a specific company. Better get full details for your transaction from a bank or credit card provider. However, we have shared the maximum details regarding this charge to help you out.

If you have more details regarding this charge you are welcome in our comment section to share with other people.

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