Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

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Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2025 minimum is Rs 110 and the maximum is Rs 140.

On 21st December, Salasar Techno Engineering stock moved 8.05% in just one day and the stock is trading at an all-time high of ₹64.4. The stock in a Polish momentum trading of the short-term, medium, and locked moving averages to be higher than the industry P/E in the stock is out, performing by the store, given a 22.18% return versus nifty 50 returns of 7.4% in the past one month.

As we talk about the company, the company was established in 2006 as Tower manufacturing, solar engineering, limited emerges, the fast-growing structure, manufacture, and EPC in infrastructure company, providing service across the telecom energy and the railway sectors.

Shree Ganesh Share Price Target 2025

Company Products

The company is the following product

  • Telecom tower
  • Pre-fabricated buildings
  • EPC project for railway electrification
  • EPC project for transmission lines
  • Building and bridges

In the financial year 2023, the company has a revenue split as follows

  • Most of the revenue companies generated from manufacturing the steel structure and the others 72%
  • 13% companies revenue generated from EPC power transmission
  • And 22% is generated from railways electrification.

Domestic EPC orders – 1009 Crs Export EPC orders – 211 Crs Heavy Steel Structure Division 130 Crs Monopoles – 53 Crs Telecom Tower Exports – 37 Crs Co. receives regular monthly orders of 30-35 cr. for telecom towers

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2025

The stock has a market cap of Rs 2,032 crore with a stock P/E is 45.1 which is higher than the PE industry’s 20.4 the sales of the company are also really good which is 1073 crore. Profit after tax of companies is also good 45 crore now let’s see the stock return.

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2025
January 2025₹110
February 2025₹112
March 2025₹116
April 2025₹114
May 2025₹117
June 2025₹119
July 2025₹120
August 2025₹123
September 2025₹124
October 2025₹126
November 2025₹128
December 2025₹130
Salasar Techno Share Price Target

The past week’s returns are 29.30% and the past month’s returns are 32.02%, which is amazing. In the past three months, the return is 23.65%. These are the returns considered to be good in the short-term period. Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2025 minimum is Rs 110 and the maximum is Rs 140.

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2026

Over the year 2026, stock growth was around 32%.

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2026
January 2026₹132
February 2026₹135
March 2026₹136
April 2026₹140
May 2026₹147
June 2026₹154
July 2026₹156
August 2026₹161
September 2026₹170
October 2026₹174
November 2026₹175
December 2026₹181

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2027

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2027
January 2027₹148
February 2027₹152
March 2027₹160
April 2027₹163
May 2027₹165
June 2027₹171
July 2027₹177
August 2027₹180
September 2027₹182
October 2027₹186
November 2027₹189
December 2027₹191

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2028

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2028
January 2028₹170
February 2028₹173
March 2028₹175
April 2028₹177
May 2028₹180
June 2028₹184
July 2028₹186
August 2028₹188
September 2028₹191
October 2028₹197
November 2028₹207
December 2028₹211

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2029

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2029
January 2029₹190
February 2029₹192
March 2029₹194
April 2029₹196
May 2029₹200
June 2029₹206
July 2029₹210
August 2029₹214
September 2029₹218
October 2029₹220
November 2029₹225
December 2029₹232

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2030

Now let’s understand the company profit and loss and the company sales are increasing year on year in March 2022. The company has a of 719 crores now in March 2023, the company has sales of 1005 crores. 

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2030
January 2030₹235
February 2030₹240
March 2030₹244
April 2030₹247
May 2030₹249
June 2030₹254
July 2030₹262
August 2030₹265
September 2030₹267
October 2030₹275
November 2030₹292
December 230₹301

The company has a really good amount of sales and the operating profit of the company has increased really well and the net profit of the company is also good in thousand 23 the company has a net profit of 40 crores which is 22.5% grown by the previous year. so the company’s profit and loss statement is really good. The main key factors are the sales company, net profit, and the company operating profit which are growing well. Salasar Techno Share Price Target for 2013. The minimum is ₹170 while the maximum is ₹190. 

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2040

Now let’s understand the Company balance sheet the company’s current assets have also increased Year on Year over the past five years. The current range is 151.60% versus the industry average is only 94.44% and the equity ratio company is lower than the industry over the past five years, the company has a debt-equity ratio of 78.72% versus the industry has 106.54%.

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2040
January 2040₹590
February 2040₹596
March 2040₹597
April 2040₹599
May 2040₹600
June 2040₹604
July 2040₹604
August 2040₹605
September 2040₹607
October 2040₹613
November 2040₹614
December 2040₹620

Which is low for a company means the company is maintaining its balance. The company has a total current asset of 914.15 crore and the total liabilities Company is Rs 513.24 crore. The Salasar Techno Share Price Target for 2014 is a minimum price of ₹210 and a maximum is ₹250.

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2050

As we see the company returns year or year and monthly, which is good and the sales of companies growing well, and the balance sheet of the company is strong the company has a really tough company but in that, the company is also maintaining its sales, so this is good for a company And if a company increasing their sales as the company is doing stock, price can also trade up to Rs 200 to Rs 300 in upcoming time because the stock is break it’s all-time high. 

Salasar Techno Share Price taget 2050
January 2050₹800
February 2050₹808
March 2050₹810
April 2050₹812
May 2050₹814
June 2050₹819
July 2050₹819
August 2050₹821
September 2050₹825
October 2050₹833
November 2050₹842
December 2050₹850

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2025-2050

Salasar Techno Share Price Target

The expected share price target of Salasar Techno share price target for 2015 minimum is ₹300 and the maximum is ₹350.

YearsMinimum TargetMaximum Target
2025Rs 110Rs 140
2030Rs 170Rs 190
2035Rs 199Rs 205
2040Rs 210Rs 250
2045Rs 260Rs 280
2050Rs 300Rs 350

Swot Analysis of Salasar Techno


  • The stock made a new 52-week high
  • Stock is Trading of the short-term, long-term, and medium-term moving averages
  • The seals grown are really good


  • The promoter holding is decreasing
  • Are we declining last year
  • In the past 2, the profit of companies has declined.


  • No opportunities for this stock


No threat to this stock


Overall the stock in a bullish momentum, and after analyzing the company, balance sheet, and profit and law statement, the company is financially stable, but the promoter holding is decreasing which can be considered a really bad sign, but foreign institutions increased their holding, and their domestic institutional decrease their holding the promote, but the public has a 27.92% of holding the promoter has 63% of holding.


we are not SEBI registered advisors, our objective is only to provide detailed information related to the company’s business to the public.  Investors should conduct their research and analysis and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.

Above mention Share price target is based on our analysis and the Stock’s past returns. The actual Share price may be different from the target price. because of factors that may change in the future.


What is Salasar Techno share price Target for 2025?

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2025 minimum is Rs 110 and the maximum is Rs 140.

What is Salasar Techno share price Target for 2030?

Salasar Techno Share Price Target for 2030. The minimum is ₹170 while the maximum is ₹190.