Is Zebjee Charge on Credit Card legit?

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Did you recently purchase clothes for yourself or your family from the website “Zebjee”?

If yes Yes, and you encounter charges from “Zebjee charge on Credit Card”.Most people see its charges on their credit card statements.

You can also see the charges from The people are complaining from the JP because they say they are fraud after placing your order. The order is not shipped to the customer, but they are what they have ordered.

The article we will understand about the website and also study. What are the reviews from this website?

What is Zebjee?

As per the ZebJee website, Zebjee is a clothing brand that offers clothing for everyone. is a website where you can purchase different types of products like.

  • Men’s jacket
  • Men’s hoodies
  • Men’s pants
  • Socks
  • And gloves

These types of items you can purchase from the website.

Our team found that the reviews of Zebjee company are very negative. We have gone through many reviewing platforms to check customer satisfaction, surprisingly our team found negative reviews on every platform.

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Is Zebjee Charge on Credit Card Legit?

If you are charged by Zebjee means you have purchased from their website. They have a wide range of men’s wear collection. According to online data, it’s fraud they scamming people.

According to the BBB website, this Zebjee website is a fraud. Lots of complaints are registered on the BBB website against this Zebjee business.

A Trustpilot website where people put reviews.

Zebjee Charge on Credit Card

These are some screenshots that are posted by users who got scammed by this website. All users have the same complaints that they have something from the website but Zebjee won’t be Delivered. if the customer tries to contact them then they are not responding.

How this scam is working

Uh oh, looks like Zebjee might be a scam! People order clothes, and pay their money, but then… nothing! They never get their stuff. Or, if it finally shows up, it’s all messed up. Missing clothes, terrible quality – not what you ordered at all. That’s how folks are getting tricked by this website.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert Website Review

According to the Trustpilot data review, 37 people were given a rating. 1.5/5

According to the BBB data review, 30 people were given a rating. 1.3/5

These ratings are very poor for any brand. If a genuine business is doing its job properly no one gets this poor rating from users. Our team found they were just taking money from people in the name of clothes orders however they never got their order.

How to Dispute Zebjee Charge on Credit Card?

There are two things one is that you made payment by your credit card on the Zebjee website. In this case, you need to contact to Zebjee website because most of the customers have complaints regarding they are not receiving any product delivery after payment. This is how ZebJee Scam is working.

If you ordered and have not received any product till now you can file a complaint at BBB so that you can get a refund if possible.

How to Contact

If you placed an order from the Zebjee website and need support then you should ask them why your products were not received. If you find not a reliable answer from the company ask them to refund your money and cancel the order.

  • Email: /
  • Phone: +1 210-306-9678
  • Address: 46 STEELE AVE, GLOVERSVILLE, NY 12078

According to the Zebjee website, They provide free delivery for all orders of $49, and orders are shipped in 7-12 days.

Second, if you charged without using the website. In this immediately contact your credit card provider. They may wipe your all money.

Final Words

If see any unauthorized transactions on your credit by the Zebjee website then you need to contact your bank or credit card providers. They will explain all the details related to transactions. If you want to contact to Zebjee Website then we already provided you with all the contact details.

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